Garmin 340c fishfinder Review

Where, oh where are those darn fish? Quite often you might be faced with that particular bewilderment as to where you should fish, in order to acquire a significant fish catch. Fishing can be a rewarding experience only if you are aware of the rich fishing places. On the other hand, playing the guessing game and setting up lures at random places is nothing but a futile endeavor. It’s evident that a prior knowledge of fish-rich places enables you to concentrate more on catching fish rather than finding them. The Garmin Fish Finder 340C renders fish finding to be a cinch.

Garmin 340c fishfinder

The Garmin Fish Finder 340C is available in two separate configurations, with one catering to the needs of the inland angler and the other for saltwater applications. The saltwater configuration seamlessly reveals fish up to the depth of 1500 feet, while the freshwater option has a depth capability of 900 feet. Fish simply cannot hide from the Fish Finder 340C.

The Garmin Fish Finder 340C can also be easily connected to a Garmin chart plotter. This enables anglers to read sonar data on chart plotters located elsewhere on the boat. Catching bigger game fish is a breeze with the Fish Finder 340C, since it has in-built alarms for fish size. You may analyze the display in greater detail, as the device also supports 2x and 4x automatic and manual zoom.

It’s true that water temperature and other environmental conditions largely affect the amount of fish available at a particular place. The Garmin Fish Finder 340C has built-in water temperature sensor that graphically records water temperature data. The device has a brilliant color, high resolution display, which present a clear bottom definition. Furthermore, it possesses an ultra-dim backlight, which is a feature that nocturnal anglers would surely long for.

The Garmin Fish Finder 340C is an essential device, which will certainly enable you to acquire a quick and satisfying fish catch.

Garmin GPSMAP 498C Review

Cartography can be a tedious and arduous task if carried out manually by charting trails on paper. In order to expedite and ease the procedure, some kind of technological intervention is highly imperative. This is where the Garmin GPSMAP 498C Sounder comes into the picture. The device comes with preloaded marine map detail and therefore entails an easy navigation through treacherous waters. With this superlative device, fishing is rendered to be a cinch.

Garmin GPSMAP 498C

The in-built detailed maps provide coverage for US coastal areas, including Alaska and Hawaii. The Garmin GPSMAP 498C provides integrated mapping, 2D and 3D perspective for better analysis, tide and current data, navigational aids, and more.

There is simply no chance of being secluded in an unacquainted territory – every water body in the US is known to the amazing GPSMAP 498C. Moreover, this already huge map database can be augmented with additional map coverage of inland lakes via preprogrammed data cards.

The Garmin GPSMAP 498C’s Ultrascroll feature provides high-speed screen updates. As a result, the device delivers reliable readings even at significant boat speeds. And therefore, you could easily acquire a hasty fish catch, while your non-savvy counterparts linger around in empty waters. GPSMAP 498C boasts a brilliant 256-color display that presents a clear view of the underwater targets. It has a depth capability of 1500 feet – even the deepest loitering fish are revealed with ease.

The Garmin GPSMAP 498C is extremely easy to use and has excellent adaptability features. It has a fluorescent backlight for the display and keypad, and an ultra-dim backlight for nocturnal fishing zealots. Finding bigger game fish is much easier with the GPSMAP 498C, as the device supports alarms for fish size and depicts detailed fish arches on the display screen.

The Garmin GPSMAP 498C Sounder is a true combination of an efficient GPS navigator and a superlative sonar component – a must-have for every fisherman.

Humminbird Fish Finder

Humminbird now offers the ability to expand your fishfinder with it”s new Matrix Systems. The entire system is expandable with accessories like the WeatherSense™ Fishing Condition Monitor and other plug and play options. All Matrix units are GPS capable.

Humminbird Fish Finder

Humminbird have developed DualBeam PLUS™ and QuadraBeam™ Side Structure Locating sonar with the highest degree of sensitivity.

Matrix Units come with larger, high-definition LCD screens. Now the controls are simple to use, with the efficient X-Press™ Menu System.

Built for the way you”ve always wanted to fish, the new Matrix Fishing System provides the most complete picture of your angling environment and offers totally new capabilities. Don”t settle for an ordinary fishfinder when you can have a Humminbird Fish Finder Fishing System.

Lowrance Fish Finder Review

Lowrance Fish Finder

Lowrance Fish Finder Review

“For fishing in the dark, you really can’t beat the LCX-15MT Lowrance Fish Finder, its cold-cathode backlit screen allows for excellent viewing at night. The seven inch diagonal large screen provides superb detail and the 480 x 350 pixel definition and preferences mean that you can personalize the display for your own liking.

Lowrance Fish Finder

Lowrance Fish Finder LCX-15MT

The display also allows for a split screen which means that if you are using the dual frequency option you can easily see the results of the both shallow and deep water penetration to a depth of 3000 feet.

One of the most useful features is the ability to record GPS excursion details and sonar graphs on Multi Media Cards. These cards allow you to play back the details either onto the LCX-15MT screen, or a PC. The unit can access two MMC cards at the same time, a total of 128MB of data.

The MMC card that is included with the accessories pack has enhanced mapping detail, featuring mapping details from northern Mexico right up to southern Canada, plus the Bahamas, Hawaii, and great detail of US lakes, coastal waterways and rivers.”

William Hamilton

Lowrance Fish Finder LCX-15MT specification – all the technical facts and figures Lowrance Fish Finder
LCX-15MT manual
Lowrance Fish Finder
LCX-15MT features – a recording, high-resolution, high-performance
LCD sonar, available with precision GPS+WAAS/Mapping features.

The Lowrance Fish Finder LCX-15MT usually sells for between $699 to
£1099, depending on your chosen features. Our specially selected and recommended suppliers often offer special deals and rebates. Please click
here to check for the best and most up-to-date prices for the Lowrance Fish Finder LCX-15MT.

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so you get a great deal:
1. Provide the cheapest possible shipping
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3. Guarantee what they sell.

Fish Finder Merchant Review

Dicks Sporting Goods was started by Dick Staak, who opened his first store in 1958. Now with over 100 physical stores, they are one of the leading e-tailers
of sporting goods.

Fish Finder Merchant

Dicks offer free shipping on all orders over $99 and ship most items to addresses, only in the United States. They offer a 30 day full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase. All major credit cards are accepted.

For most items that are in stock, you can expect to receive them within 7-14 full business days, and Dicks offer a number of priority shipping methods.

These details are intended for information only. For full details please contact Dicks Sporting Goods directly.

Bass Pro Shops have a comprehensive selection of fishing and other outdoors gear, with most items in stock at any time. Indeed most orders leave their warehouse in 48 hours or less.

They offer a “No Hassle” return. For the fastest service, a return should be made within 30 days of purchase accompanied by the purchase invoice. Returns after 30 days will be on an inspection basis.

Bass Pro Shops will ship internationally, with some restrictions.

Garmin 140 Fishfinder Review

The Garmin Fish Finder 140 is an extremely affordable tool that should be a part of every value-concious angler’s fishing toolbox.

Garmin 140 Fishfinder

It is an awesome fish finder, which offers tremendous functionality without the superfluous features. Though simple and easy to use, the Garmin Fish Finder 140 is a true champion at finding fish. It features a 4-level grayscale display for better contrast, and therefore, effortless identification of fish.

The Garmin Fish Finder 140 has a depth capability of 600 feet. That is, the fish finder is powerful enough to detect fish up to the depth of 600 feet. The device boasts a dual beam transducer with user-selectable narrow or wide view to reveal more fish in shallow waters.

The fish simply cannot hide from the Garmin Fish Finder 140.

The Garmin Fish Finder 140 supports fast refresh rates thereby minimizing flickering to nearly a zilch. Consequently, the device is also apt for speed applications. Since the device depicts reliable readings even if the boat is speeding through the waters, you may hastily acquire a satisfying fish catch. On the other hand, your counterparts would troll sluggishly through the waters, playing the guessing game and returning empty handed from an arduous fishing ordeal.

The Garmin Fish Finder 140 has great accessibility features as well. For instance, its settings can be modified according to your liking. Moreover, the settings are not lost even if the unit is powered off. The device also has a luminescent backlight for the display and keypad. Catching bigger game fish is made easy by the Fish Finder 140, as it supports in-built alarms for fish size.

It’s heartening to know that such a feature-packed and highly useful device is reasonably priced. Furthermore, the Fish Finder 140 has a fully gasket, waterproof casing, and is rugged enough to withstand years of wear and tear.

When finding fish efficiently is your goal, the Garmin Fish Finder 140 is the perfect tool.

Matrix Fish Finder

It’s time to change the way you fish. Time to move beyond an ordinary fishfinder to technology so advanced we don’t even call it a fishfinder, we call it a Fishing System. Introducing the Matrix™ Fishing System from Humminbird®.

Matrix Fish Finder

When Humminbird created the Matrix Fish Finder, they listened to you – the pro, the die-hard, the weekend angler. They asked what it would take to create the most advanced, most revolutionary fishfinder ever, then they went to work.

They reckoned you wanted something more than an ordinary fishfinder – you wanted new capabilities. They made the entire system expandable and introduced accessories like the WeatherSense™ Fishing Condition Monitor. You desired an easy way to find your fishing spots, so they made all Matrix units GPS capable. You wanted to see more from your sonar, so they developed DualBeam PLUS™ and QuadraBeam™ Side Structure Locating sonars with the highest degree of sensitivity. You longed for a better display, and they answered with larger, high-definition LCDs. You requested controls that were simple to use, so they designed an efficient X-Press™ Menu System.

Humminbird say the Matrix Fish Finder system is built for the way you’ve always wanted to fish. The new Matrix Fishing System provides the most complete picture of your angling environment and offers totally new capabilities. So why settle for an ordinary fishfinder when you can have a Fishing System?

The Humminbird® Matrix 55 GPS fishfinder system showcases a built-in waterproof memory card reader for Navionics® MMC Format charts and a WAAS GPS receiver for high accuracy. It offers a choice of Whiteline™, high-contrast bottom black, or Structure ID™ bottom presentation and includes TripLog with distance, elapsed time, average speed, and depth alarm, fish alarm and battery alarm features.

Humming Bird Fish Finder

“I recently installed a Matrix 25 Humming Bird Fish Finder and I couldn’t be more pleased with the features. It has certainly improved my enjoyment of my fishing trips.

Humming Bird Fish Finder

On single frequency fish finders you only get one choice – a single beam. Wide single beam units can give you great fish arches, but are poor at displaying bottom and structure definition. Narrow single beam units show great bottom and structure definition, however do not have wide coverage or fish arching capability serious anglers desire. DualBeam PLUS combines the best of both systems – important if you fish in differing conditions.

I fish in lots of different environments so I chose the 25 over the single beam 15 for the dual frequencies and sonar system with a wide 60 degree area of coverage. The DualBeam PLUS shows tremendous bottom and structure definition to a depth of 1200 feet using the narrow 20 degree beam, and shows the fish and structure
from a wide 60 degree beam. Sonar from both beams is combined into one image on the display.

Incidentally, the new 240×240 pixel display is a delight to read – all definition is easily understandable.

The Matrix 25 unit is easy to upgrade for GPS use – simply plug a GPS receiver into the Matrix for Fishfinding and Trackplotting. You will also be able to save 750 hotspots and record 10 tracks with excellent navigation capabilities.

The Humming Bird Fish Finder Matrix 25 is strongly recommended for the fisherman who fishes in different settings. A nice compact unit at an affordable price.

Garmin 160c Fishfinder Review

The Garmin Fish Finder 160C is the ultimate choice for anglers who prefer functionality over superfluity. It is an extremely affordable fish finder for recreational anglers who primarily fish in the freshwater lakes. The device has a bright, sunlight-readable color display, which depicts a clear view of the bottom. Therefore, you could easily mark hotspots that harbor ample fish. Having knowledge about where the fish loiter, you can expect a hasty and plentiful fish catch, time after time.

The Garmin Fish Finder 160C has a much faster refresh rate for the sonar display, thereby curtailing the flickering to a minimum. The device accomplishes enhanced shallow water performance, owing much to its dual beam transducer. This particular feature, in effect, enables you to see more fish in shallow waters. The Fish Finder 160C can be optimized and its settings tailored according to your liking. Moreover, the settings are not lost even if the unit’s power is turned off.

The Garmin Fish Finder 160C is awesome at finding fish. For instance, it can effortlessly reveal fish up to the depth of 900 feet below the water surface. Even the most diminutive of details do not go overlooked. Moreover, for a detailed examination of the bottom, you may employ the 2x or 4x zoom options. The device is also capable of providing reliable readings even if your boat is powering through the water. This makes for a hasty fish catch.

In addition to being highly feature-packed, the Garmin Fish Finder 160C is sturdy and has a waterproof design. The device is durable enough to withstand years of wear and tear, constantly assisting you during those grueling fishing trips. Fish Finder 160C is an advanced, superlative device that renders fishing to be a breeze.

The device helps with a quick and satisfying fish catch, and is a true must-have in every fisherman’s repertoire.

Garmin 160C Fishfinder
Affordable color sonar for recreational fishermen who primarily fish in freshwater

Garmin 140 Fishfinder
Impressive sonar fish finder for the cost-concious fisherman

Garmin 90 Fishfinder
Simple operation and exclusive technology in an entry-level sonar fishfinder

Garmin GPSMAP 498C
Marine chartplotter with preloaded U.S. coastal area maps

Garmin GPSMAP 398C
Marine chartplotter with preloaded U.S. freshwater maps

Garmin GPSMAP 298C
Marine chartplotter with smart navigation features

Garmin 340C Fishfinder
Full featured sonar fish finder for the serious saltwater fisherman

Garmin GPSMAP 378
GPS + WAAS enabled color chartplotter for freshwater fishing, with combined street mapping

Garmin GPSMAP 478
GPS + WAAS enabled color chartplotter for saltwater fishing, with combined street mapping

Garmin GPSMAP 2106
GPS + WAAS enabled, value-priced, large-display color chartplotte

Garmin GPSMAP 2110
GPS + WAAS enabled, value-priced, very large-display color chartplotter

Garmin GPSMAP 2206
GPS + WAAS enabled, value-priced, large-display color chartplotter and pre-loaded maps

Garmin GPSMAP 2210
GPS + WAAS enabled, value-priced, very large-display color chartplotter and pre-loaded maps

Garmin GPSMAP 3205
Full marine networking chartplotter capability in a compact, budget-friendly format

Garmin GPSMAP 3206
GPS + WAAS enabled chartplotter with built-in maps for U.S. coastal are

Garmin GPSMAP 3210
Chartplotter with large-format display along with built-in maps for U.S. coastal areas

Garmin GPSMAP 376C
Portable color plotter and marine navigator with weather capabilities

Garmin GPSMAP 198C
GPS sounder, preloaded and ready for the water

Garmin GPSMAP 192C
Marine chartplotter and sounder preloaded and ready
for the water

Garmin GPSMAP 3005
For serious bass or walleye anglers, or for pleasure boaters who want to
make sure they have cutting-edge information at their fingertips.

Garmin GPSMap 3006C
Puting GPS, weather, sonar, radar, and other important data at boaters’
fingertips. Boaters and fishermen alike will know exactly where they are
and what the weather will be like with the aid of the Garmin GPSMAP 3006C.

Garmin GPSMAP 3101C
The Garmin GPSMAP 3010C will keep all the information you need close at
hand whether you need a chart plotted or are worried about the weather.

Garmin GPSMAP 172
If you enjoy cruising around in your boat you are sure to love the Garmin
GPSMap 172.

Garmin GPSMAP 172C
If you are seeking a navigation system that has several waypoints with names,
symbols, depth and water symbols, and a superbly detailed color display,
for all of your boating trips then look no further than the Garmin GPSMap

Garmin GPSMAP 2010/2010C
The Garmin GPSMap2010 is a complete chartplotter with wonderful features
for a small compact mapping unit.

Garmin GPSMAP 2006/2006C
Whether you love to fish or just enjoy the day out cruising the open sea
or lake you will love all the features of this awesome mapping system.

Garmin GPSMAP 276C
A dependable marine color chartplotter that doubles as a fully-functional
automobile navigator.

Garmin GPSMAP 176
This is a great mapping tool that will always let you know your exact location
and position at all times.

Garmin GPSMAP 232
The Garmin GPSMAP 232 is known for its awesome large, ready-installed mapping capabilities.

Garmin GPSMAP 182/182C
Unique and wonderful features that are already built-in that will help you plot your exact course and keep you up to date on your location at all times.

Garminm GPSMAP 162
A great fixed mount navigation system that combines GPS navigation and a
marine chartplotter for a unit that every boater will absolutely love

GarminmGPS 152
Compact marine mapping system that does practically everything except steer
your boat

GarminmGPS 128
A powerful handheld navigation system that no boater should be without.

Garmin GPS 126
Don’t be lost out on the sea and find your favorite fishing spot with
ease all with the help of the Garmin GPS 126.

Garmin GPSMAP 178C Sounder
A compact, value-priced console that leaves fish nowhere to hide. Navigation
and GPS, chart-plotter, depth-sounder and fish finder capabilities built into one compact unit.

Garmin GPSMAP 178
Full-featured marine navigation system – GPS navigation, marine chartplotting, and powerful sonar

Garmin GPSMAP 238 Sounder
Navigation will never be a problem if you have the Garmin GPSMAP 238S.

Garmin GPSMAP 168 Sounder
This great compact unit has it all – combination GPS receiver and chartplotter
which includes a depth-finder and fish finder, and won’t take up valuable space on board.

Garmin GPSMAP 188
Chartplotter and sounder capabilities in one unit

Garmin GPSMAP 60C
All the technology that makes Garmin the world’s favorite GPS manufacturer
such as general map data including all American rivers, lakes and borders

Garmin GPSMAP 60CS
A popular mapping system for boaters, outdoorsmen and drivers with a stunning color display

Garmin 250 Fish Finder
Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater and with single or dual frequency

Garmin 240 Fish Finder
Unit includes transom mount transducer with temperature sensor.

Garmin 240 Blue Fish Finder
All the great features of the 240 Standard, and more, created especially
for the deep-sea angler.

eTrex GPS
eTrex Vista handheld GPS system with 24 MB built in memory and navigation
aids for marine and recreation use

Garman GPS
Garmin® GPSmap® 182 or 182C or Antenna

Garmin eTrex GPS
A GPS unit that will literally fit in the palm of your hand

Garmin eTrex Review
eTrex Camo Handheld GPS, includes a hunting and fishing calculator

Garmin GPS 12
A purebred Garmin — innovation, performance, and value

Garmin GPS 76
A built-in basemap of cities, coastlines, lakes, rivers, interstates, and interstate exit information and a database of nautical navaids.

Magellan GPS

Magellan GPS 310

Magellan GPS 310

The pocket-sized Magellan GPS 310 is incredibly easy-to-use and offers the same quality performance of many higher priced units.

The GPS 310 is an affordable 12-Channel GPS Navigator that will allow you to explore the Outdoors with confidence.

The 310 offers the consumer the most affordable GPS receiver with NMEA 0183 output allowing use with popular laptop PC navigation software. With a powerful 12 parallel-channel receiver, the 310’s lock-on tracking will navigate you to 100 saved locations and one reversible route with up to 10 legs.

Finding You the Best Deals for the Magellan GPS 310

Three easy-to-follow navigation screens show bearing, heading, distance, speed, and more on an EL backlit display. The 310’s resettable trip odometer enables you to explore the outdoors with confidence and know how far you’ve traveled, so you can estimate the time and distance to return to your truck, camp or dock.

Built tough with weatherproof construction and rubber armoring, the GPS 310 runs continuously for up to 20 hours on just two AA alkaline batteries.

Advanced power management and weather-proof construction make the Magellan GPS 310 a reliable GPS receiver. Rugged with dependable performance in all outdoor conditions, the 310 sets the standard in GPS value.

The GPS 310 gives you the advantages of GPS in a valuable of features:

The GPS 310 gets a precision fix on your exact location by tracking up to 12 GPS satellites simultaneously. Equipped with a super sensitive quadrifilar antenna designed for fast satellite signal locking, the GPS 310 is accurate to within 15 meters or better.

Easy to use
An intuitive interface provides easy setup, and dedicated function buttons put the power of GPS at your fingertips.

Multiple views
Three graphic navigation screens show heading, bearing, speed, direction, ETA, and your exact position in a number or formats, including longitude/latitude, Universal Transverse Mercator and Ordnance Survey of Britain Conversion.

Advanced power management
You get up to 20 hours of continuous operation on two AA batteries

Save routes and waypoints
The ability to store your route, with 100 waypoints and up to 10 legs, to easily find your way back again.

Satellite status
The GPS 310 displays all satellites in view of the receiver and gives you a little info on their status.

DGPS ready
The GPS 310 accepts RTCM 104 signals from your DGPS receiver, for even better accuracy

Data exporting
Use your favorite PC navigation software with easy, standard data exporting and a GPS 310 data cable

Built to perform on the most challenging and rigorous adventure.

Large backlit display
Easily view all the GPS information you need to make your adventure fun and safe, even at night.

Rugged construction
Rubber armored, impact resistant plastic allows you to confidently take your GPS 310 on that next great adventure.