Fish Finder Watch

Humminbird’s new RF30 Wrist Mount Smartcast – the “fish finder watch”.

Fish Finder Watch

At last – a fish finder designed specially for the kayak and float-tube user.

When the bulky, feature-filled fish finders are just to awkward to carry on board a small craft, take a look at Humminbird’s “fish finder watch”.

See not only what is under your boat, cast the remote Smartcast transducer into an inaccessible area to assess its fishability.

Humminbird’s latest range of fish finders were christened “Smartcast” when they were launched – smart cast because of the remote transducer which could be “cast” away from the angler, to relay information back to a display, in a “smart” fashion to the angler.

Want to see if its worth persuing the fishing in an isolated spot. Cast the transducer out, then pull it back when you’ve got the answers.

The RF10 was launched to great aclaim, but the paddlers still needed something smaller…

… and Humminbird responded with the RF30 wrist display fish finder.

The “fish finder watch” display is just 1ΒΌ” by 1″ but the 48 x 32 pixel
screen is still highly detailed. And you’ll find all the important features of the RF10 on the RF30

The Humminbird “fish finder watch” serves a real need for kayakers by allowing us to use the same technology that our friends on bigger craft have been for years.

Its size, ease of use, and price mean that its going to be a huge hit.

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