Eagle Fish Finder

Eagle Fish Finder

Eagle Electronics started manufacturing fish finders back in 1982 and now, by using Eagle, fish finders are available that make the best use of both sonar and GPS technologies for all levels of experience and all budgets.

Eagle fish finders are easy to use, feature-packed, affordable and accurate. Exactly what is needed to make your days’ fishing easy.

From the compact new Eagle Fish Finder Cuda 128 at under $100 to the powerful Eagle Seacharter Fish Finder with superb features like GPS combined with sonar for under $500, you are sure to find an Eagle Fish Finder to suit your needs and budget.

The newest Eagle Fish Finder – the TriFinder® 2 has the widest, highest-resolution underwater viewing yet, with 3-times the coverage to the left, right and under your boat. Up to 150° of fish-finding coverage!

Eagle Fish Finder
  • Tracks to depths of 800 feet
  • Displays depth and position of fish targets to
    the left, right and below your boat, and hidden in weeds and other


  • 4″ (10.2 cm) diagonal screenFilm
    SuperTwist LCD
  • High-definition 240×160 resolution
  • Backlit screen and keypad
  • 16-level grayscale


  • Incredible Eagle® 3-Beam
    BroadView™ transducer delivers up to 150° of fish-finding
    coverage with high sensitivity settings
  • Depth capability to 800 ft*
    (244 m) with 1500 watts of peak-to-peak power
  • TargetTrack™ feature displays
    depths of individual suspended targets and their locations – to
    the left, right and underneath your boat
  • FishReveal™ feature exposes
    fish targets hidden in surface clutter, weed beds, thermoclines,
    and other types of underwater cover
  • HyperScroll™ feature locates
    and displays fish targets at higher boat speeds
  • Advanced Signal Processing (ASP™)
    automatically adjusts your settings for the best sonar picture
  • Patented GRAYLINE® separates
    fish from nearby structure and bottom
  • Advanced Fish I.D. shows underwater
    targets in different sizes of fish symbols
  • FishTrack™ displays target
    depth readings above fish symbols
  • Selective on/off sonar alarms:
    Shallow, Deep, and Fish


  • Advanced new receiver design
    offers enhanced sensitivity and target detail, as well as greater
    resistance to electrical interference
  • High-speed screen updates during
    depth range changes provide smooth, continuous underwater viewing
  • Internal back-up memory for
    key sonar settings
  • Completely sealed and waterproof,
    even for use in harsh saltwater environments
  • Full one-year warranty

Eagle Fish Finder TriFinder 2 Manual Eagle Fish Finder TriFinder 2 Press Release Eagle Fish Finder Parts – customize your Fish Finder with parts and accessories

The Eagle Fish Finder TriFinder 2 usually sells for around $179. Our specially selected and recommended suppliers often offer special deals and rebates. Please click here to check for the best and most up-to-date prices for the Eagle Fish Finder TriFinder 2.

Fish-Finder-Review only recommends suppliers who meet our three criteria,
so you get a great deal:
1. Provide the cheapest possible shipping
2. Drive prices as low as possible.
3. Guarantee what they sell.

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