Electronic Fish Finder

Electronic Fish Finder

How does an electronic fish finder work?

Some 75 years ago the US Navy developed a new technology that would come to revolutionise the way that anglers spend their time. The technology that allows electronic fish finders to work is called sonar, and initially it was used to find submarines at great depths under the ocean.

Electronic Fish Finder

Some 30 years later, and a very clever man realised that the technology could be used to sense the position of fish below a boat, and the first electronic fish finder was produced for the average angler.

An Electronic fish finder will use sound waves transmitted through water. When the sound wave hits the bottom and returns to the receiver, the depth of the water can be calculated. If the sound wave hits an object between the boat and the bottom then the depth of this object (hopefully a fish) will be indicated.

The original electronic fish finder used a rotating light that would flash to signal the bottom or an underwater object, while later units led to paper graphs to display depths.

What about the features on a new electronic fish finder?

Today, with new technology changing the way that the electronic fish finder works and is used, LCD digital monitors are built into the fish finder. The greater the number of pixels on a screen, the better the detail is displayed on the screen.

The first incarnation of LCD screens have been improved, to the extent that using the new Bottom Line 5100 electronic fish finder has been described as watching a 25″ underwater television, such is the quality.

The range of features and enhancements available on electronic fish finders is wide, with units priced between under $100 and over $2000. For example, the Smartcast fish finder (left) brings basic electronic fish finder technology to a wrist-mounted receiver at a value price, while the feature-packed Lowrance LCX-19C is perhaps the ultimate fish finder with every conceivable feature included, going deeper and with greater accuracy. Another important feature of the LCX-19C is the water surface temperature guage, particularly useful in spring when the bass are spawning.

What can an electronic fish finder do for me?

With just a quick reference to the fish finder, the angler can see what is beneath the boat – lots of fish or just some deep empty water.

Today, with the enhancements of the newer LCD units, very fine detail along with additional features are available in different models at various price ranges. Almost all anglers have at least one type of fish locator on their boat and many have two.

However, perhaps the main change to the electronic fish finder has been the advent of the GPS fish finder, which allows the fisherman to navigate unknown waters with the aid of Global Positioning Systems.

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Fish Finder Watch

Humminbird’s new RF30 Wrist Mount Smartcast – the “fish finder watch”.

Fish Finder Watch

At last – a fish finder designed specially for the kayak and float-tube user.

When the bulky, feature-filled fish finders are just to awkward to carry on board a small craft, take a look at Humminbird’s “fish finder watch”.

See not only what is under your boat, cast the remote Smartcast transducer into an inaccessible area to assess its fishability.

Humminbird’s latest range of fish finders were christened “Smartcast” when they were launched – smart cast because of the remote transducer which could be “cast” away from the angler, to relay information back to a display, in a “smart” fashion to the angler.

Want to see if its worth persuing the fishing in an isolated spot. Cast the transducer out, then pull it back when you’ve got the answers.

The RF10 was launched to great aclaim, but the paddlers still needed something smaller…

… and Humminbird responded with the RF30 wrist display fish finder.

The “fish finder watch” display is just 1¼” by 1″ but the 48 x 32 pixel
screen is still highly detailed. And you’ll find all the important features of the RF10 on the RF30

The Humminbird “fish finder watch” serves a real need for kayakers by allowing us to use the same technology that our friends on bigger craft have been for years.

Its size, ease of use, and price mean that its going to be a huge hit.

Magellan GPS

Magellan GPS 310

Magellan GPS 310

The pocket-sized Magellan GPS 310 is incredibly easy-to-use and offers the same quality performance of many higher priced units.

The GPS 310 is an affordable 12-Channel GPS Navigator that will allow you to explore the Outdoors with confidence.

The 310 offers the consumer the most affordable GPS receiver with NMEA 0183 output allowing use with popular laptop PC navigation software. With a powerful 12 parallel-channel receiver, the 310’s lock-on tracking will navigate you to 100 saved locations and one reversible route with up to 10 legs.

Finding You the Best Deals for the Magellan GPS 310

Three easy-to-follow navigation screens show bearing, heading, distance, speed, and more on an EL backlit display. The 310’s resettable trip odometer enables you to explore the outdoors with confidence and know how far you’ve traveled, so you can estimate the time and distance to return to your truck, camp or dock.

Built tough with weatherproof construction and rubber armoring, the GPS 310 runs continuously for up to 20 hours on just two AA alkaline batteries.

Advanced power management and weather-proof construction make the Magellan GPS 310 a reliable GPS receiver. Rugged with dependable performance in all outdoor conditions, the 310 sets the standard in GPS value.

The GPS 310 gives you the advantages of GPS in a valuable of features:

The GPS 310 gets a precision fix on your exact location by tracking up to 12 GPS satellites simultaneously. Equipped with a super sensitive quadrifilar antenna designed for fast satellite signal locking, the GPS 310 is accurate to within 15 meters or better.

Easy to use
An intuitive interface provides easy setup, and dedicated function buttons put the power of GPS at your fingertips.

Multiple views
Three graphic navigation screens show heading, bearing, speed, direction, ETA, and your exact position in a number or formats, including longitude/latitude, Universal Transverse Mercator and Ordnance Survey of Britain Conversion.

Advanced power management
You get up to 20 hours of continuous operation on two AA batteries

Save routes and waypoints
The ability to store your route, with 100 waypoints and up to 10 legs, to easily find your way back again.

Satellite status
The GPS 310 displays all satellites in view of the receiver and gives you a little info on their status.

DGPS ready
The GPS 310 accepts RTCM 104 signals from your DGPS receiver, for even better accuracy

Data exporting
Use your favorite PC navigation software with easy, standard data exporting and a GPS 310 data cable

Built to perform on the most challenging and rigorous adventure.

Large backlit display
Easily view all the GPS information you need to make your adventure fun and safe, even at night.

Rugged construction
Rubber armored, impact resistant plastic allows you to confidently take your GPS 310 on that next great adventure.

Raytheon Fish Finder

Raytheon Fish Finder L750

A large 7″, 320 x 240, 4 level gray LCD display offers the highest resolution available. The L750 utilises a technologically advanced FSTN display which revolutionizes visibility and viewing angle, making the L750 easier to read than other competitive fishfinders.

Raytheon Fish Finder L750

Cold cathode fluorescent backlighting offers the absolute best illumination available for night time use.

Raytheon Fish Finder L750

There are 2 versions of this Raytheon Fish Finder. The M78962 comes with a transom mount transducer, while the M78963 has a thru-hull transducer.

Raytheon are clearly one of the world leaders when it comes to marine electronics, no other manufacturer has the technology or breadth of product range to meet the needs of small open boaters right up to the high seas Super Tanker.

The L750 comes with 500 watts of power with 200kHz and 50kHz frequencies standard. Raytheon’s patented Bottom Coverage feature combined with an A-scope display guarantees that you will see an instantaneous real time image of fish that are in your transducers beam as well as the amount of bottom area covered.

The L750 gives you all the advantages of speed, water temperature with graph, adjustable VRM, mark feature with distance indicator, bottom lock, white line, fish depth indicator with on/off control, an optional side-looking transducer, and memory backup which remembers and maintains all your fishfinder settings. Full screen fishfinder or dual frequency split screen is available from the keypad.

Eight (8) fish symbol sizes show you which beam the fish return is in by giving a hollow return for the 50kHz beam (wide beam) and a solid return for the 200kHz beam (narrow beam).

Once again, Raytheon delivers a product with all the finest features, at a competitive and affordable price.

  • 500 Watts RMS Dual frequency transducer: 50KHz/65
    degree – 200KHz/16 degree beam 7″ LCD (320×240 pixels)
  • 4 level grey display
  • Superior visibility and viewing angle
  • Cold cathode fluorescent backlighting
  • Screen modes: full screen, zoom, real time display,
    digital nav screen, speed, trip, log, temperature, temperature
    graph, voltage meter, maximum depth information
  • Mark feature with distance indicator
  • White line
  • Fish depth
  • Indicator Memory backup retains all fishfinder
  • 8 different size fish symbols
  • Optional side looking transducer
  • Range scales
  • Minimum depth reading

The Raytheon Fish Finder L750 usually sells for between $679 and $789, depending on transducer type. Our specially selected and recommended suppliers often offer special deals and rebates. Please click here to check for the best and most up-to-date prices for the Raytheon Fish Finder L750 and other Raytheon products.

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3. Guarantee what they sell.

Eagle Fish Finder

Eagle Fish Finder Parts & Accessories

Eagle Fish Finder ® Power Cables

To fit the following Eagle Fish

  • Fish ID & Fish ID II
  • FishEasy ST & FishEasy2
  • FishMark series
  • Magna™
  • Magna II™
  • Magna™ III Plus
  • MagnaView® & MagnaView® Plus
  • Strata™ 128 & Strata 128 Plus
  • StrataView 128
  • Supra ID™
  • TriFinder & TriFinder2
  • Ultra & Ultra II
  • Ultra® III & Ultra® III 3D. & Ultra®
    III Plus
  • Ultra Classic Plus

Eagle Bracket for Mounting to Trolling Motor

Trolling motor mounting bracket and clamp for mounting HS- and HST- transducers to trolling motor. Model TMB-S…

Eagle Fish Finder Gimbal Brackets

To fit the following Eagle Fish Finders

  • Accura 240
  • Cuda
  • FishEasy & FishEasy 2
  • Fish Id™ 128
  • FishElite
  • FishMark
  • IntelliMap
  • Journey
  • Optima™
  • Strata™ 128
  • Status
  • TriFinder 2
  • Ultra Classic & Ultra Classic™ Plus

EagleFish Finder Speed and Temperature Sensors

Choose from a wide variety of speed and temperaturesensors to fit your fishing equipment needs.

To fit the following Eagle Fish Finders

  • FishEasy 2 (black uni-plug connector units)
  • FishMark 320
  • FishElite
  • ST-T = Units with gray connectors
  • ST-TBK = Units with older black connectors (must
    be speed/temp. capable)
  • TS-1BK = Units with older black connectors (must
    be temp. capable)
  • FishEasy 2 and FishMark gray connector units