Bottom Line Fish Finder

Bottomline Fishin Buddy 1200

The Bottom Line Fish Finder – the Fishin Buddy 1200 is the right machine when your on the go. Perfect for mounting on any boat with it’s easy to use adjustable telescopic shaft C-clamp mounting system.

Bottom Line Fish Finder

The Fishin Buddy feels solid and sturdy in the hand (measuring 5 1/2″ wide, 10″ deep, and a shaft length of 32″ collapsed and 46″ fully extended) although with batteries the unit weighs a mere 5lbs.

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Buddy 1200

As a matter of fact, you don’t need a boat at all. The Bottom Line Fish Finder’s mounting system means you can use it in any type of boat without having to drill holes and fix it.

On a canoe it fits on the side easily, while on a pontoon it will fit handily on the front. On a float tube with its simple adapter you can strap it on wherever suits. It can be used on dinghies, rowboats or just on the dock to evaluate fish activity
a distance away.

The Fishin’ Buddy is able to operate for around 40 hours on 3 batteries, and with the backlight, the Fishin Buddy can be used even in total darkness.

Readings from the Fishin Buddy are fairly accurate, the Depth and Side Finders seeing up to 120′ to the side and 240′ in depth, while the water temperature is also displayed on a screen which is slightly grainy but sill perfectly useable.

The fish alarm feature was our other slight concern. While the Fishin Buddy shows symbols indicating fish sizes from small to medium to large and at varying depths, it can misinterpret non-fish objects in shallow waters. We thought we had found a large shoal – it was only some floating garbage!

The Bottom Line Fish Finder is a well developed tool which helps you find fish, at an excellent price and with lots of features. Recommended as long as you use it as a complimentary tool to help your fishing, rather than rely on the readings.

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